ed black

Ed- Guitar/Lead Vocals/Piano/Blues Harp

Founder member and driving force behind the band, Ed, draws his inspiration from various musical sources, including guitar vocalists, T-Bone Walker, Chuck Berry, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Brian Setzer, all of whom have influenced Ed’s guitar style, technique and various ‘chops’.


Other great performers of the 1950’s such as Little Richard, Elvis Presley and the master of Jump Blues, Louis Jordan, have also made a lasting impression on Ed and this is reflected in his performance as frontman and lead vocalist.


Over the years Ed has listened to many R’n’R and R&B recordings, watched hours of archive footage and read numerous books based on the roots of Rock’n’Roll. The knowledge he has gained from this, along with 20 years experience of gigging on the road, as well as his drive and enthusiasm makes him a natural leader for the band.